Addies Zoo

Addies Zoo

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo



Basic Building instructions-For the main support my husband used 4- 1″x2″ boards appx 6′ high (we found it was surprisingly cheaper to buy the ones that where already primed white), he then took more of the same 1″x2″ boards and cut them down to a 24″ length for the frame- he built 3 square frames one for the top middle and base (so he used 12- 24″ pieces) then attaching the 4- 6′ pieces to the 3 square frames. For the back of the unit we attached a large sheet of Masonite that was already primed white cutting it to the appropriate size. For the bars we ordered a 100′ roll of black bungee (I found mine on Amazon, it was listed as shock cord) and cut them down to size, screwing them onto the frame (top, middle and bottom). Then for the final touch he took some nice base board molding and attached it to the outside of the frame. For the plaque i took a sheet of wood that was 24″ wide, picking one that looked long enough to decorate, had my husband cut the sides to match the molding that he used so it would line up correctly, then i painted it white to match, adding her painted name and glued on some embellishments (zoo animals). I got these at the craft stores or HERE. He then attached it and we filled it was stuffed animals….(NOTE: he found screwing the boards together was much sturdier then nailing or pinning it) (also we choose to leave it with no floor)
SEE ALSO CAYDENS FARM for an updated version of the zoo Below is a side view of the Zoo and a closeup of where the bungees are attached
NOTE: there is always dangers when creating your own furniture used for children, this is simply an example of what we created for our own use. When recreating something like this, keep in mind we are not professionals and have not created this to meet safety standards, be sure to use supervision with your children of all ages, and take proper precautions. Children may try to climb in and on this item which can be very dangerous, there are many safety hazards to take into consideration if you build your own Stuffed Animal Storage.

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  1. Ran across is on Punterest, I LOVE IT!! Could you share a little more information on how you made it?? What are the black cords?

  2. It looks like a curio cabinet with the glass taken out and replaced with black cords and painted white? So doing this! Love it!

  3. I really would love to know how this was made I have my own lil Addison and she has so many stuff animals

  4. Absolutely adorable!!! I have a couple of questions so that we can make one! Are you sure they are 1×2 they look like 2×3's? Also the 6 ' pieces did you screw these to the top of the bases or on the inside of the bases?

  5. I saw this and thought wow! I could do this with the piece that holds the drawers under my old bunk bed, turned upright with the drawers taken out of it. I have it standing upright as a plain old shelf right now anyway.

  6. Sorry everyone that it has taken me so long to respond i have been so busy with work and baby shower planning for my sister in law i have not had a chance to come on here and check my email……the cord we used was 1/4" x 100 FT. Shock Cord or Bungee cord…the back is just one solid sheet of primed masonite, it looks like the back of a cabinet would. Yes this was made with 1×2 the 2" side is shown on the front of the zoo, and are done like that as well for the back side…I hope i help answer some of everyone's questions? Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments I hope to see pictures of more zoo's on pinterst 🙂

  7. Thank you for posting the directions! I think this will be our Christmas gift this year! Then, I won't have to buy any more toys for Christmas!!!

  8. Hi this is super cute; I'm wondering; did you use bungee on the sides like you did the front? It appears you did since it looks like some of the feet are poking out the sides; but I thought I'd ask to be sure! Hoping to do this for Christmas this year as well!!!

  9. This is DEFINITELY what I am getting my twin grandgirls. They love their "fiends" (stuffed animals). Great idea.

  10. Thank you so much and Yes we did use bungee on the sides as-well, this made it accessible all the way around except for the back side. Good luck in making yours 🙂

  11. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you things have been crazy and I have not been able to check my messages. That my husband did a round about way – he took a screw and threaded a very large flat washer and started to drill it into the wood, he then tied the cord between the wood and the washer and then screwed it down tight. The washer was large enough to hide where the cord was wrapped and it held it in place so it could not come loose. I hope that helps in describing how it was done.

  12. I'm considering making something similar to this and I was wondering about how much it cost to make it. I tend to estimate all my projects very well before actually making them. it drives my husband nuts but it pay off in the long run. 🙂

  13. Honestly i am not sure on how much it cost us to make this- we did it over several days and we had many of the items already that we used to make it. I wish i could give you an estimate but im just not sure.

  14. Where did you get the bungee cord from? I've looked into making this for my girls, but can't find the right cords I need. Awesome job!

  15. I got it on if you search by shock cord it will come up- i got the black 1/4" 100ft Shock Cord (its the same thing as bungee cord)….

  16. This is excellent, is there any chance that you could post a picture of the side view as well as a closeup of the screw/washer attachment for the bungee chords?
    Thanks 🙂

  17. ok so i finally got a chance to post up a side view of the zoo and a close up of the bungee attachments per your requests 🙂 sorry it took so long to get it up I hope this helps 🙂

  18. ok so i finally got a chance to post up a side view of the zoo and a close up of the bungee attachments per your requests 🙂 sorry it took so long to get it up I hope this helps 🙂

  19. how did you attach the board you put her name on .. Since there was already the 1×2 board with molding over it under what looks like half of it ,wouldn't it of created a gap? Also do you mean you chose a board That 'was 24' long not wide it doesn't look 24' wide? just a little confused about that part of the project. Thanks

  20. The section that i attached the board with her name on it does not have molding on it- we used molding on the two sides of that section but instead of molding in the front we place the name plate there, yet there is a small gap between the board that makes up the frame of the unit and the name plate.
    And yes you are correct it was 24 long not wide :)I hope that helps 🙂

  21. Awesome. Is there a way for me to subscribe to your blog? Or do I just need to book mark your page and come back daily?

  22. I was wondering what kind of screws you used on this. I am hoping to make this for my daughter's many stuffed animals that don't have a "home" anywhere else (and she's only 6 months old).

  23. I'm having my dad make this for my little girl right now. I asked him to make it smaller (4ft tall) and instead of a square, having him make it into a triangle so it will fit into the corner of my little girls room. 🙂 It will also have a top on it so I can use it as a shelf too. I love your zoo 🙂 Thank you so much for the great idea 🙂

  24. I’m making this and getting ready to buy my cord (yay!) I am wondering if you had a lot of cord left over or if you needed more then the 100′? I was consiering getting less cord, and when I observed your zoo, I noticed you have 7 cords on each side, and when doing the math it came to over 140′!? So a bit confused and wanted to clarify. Did your zoo require more then 100′ of bungee (shock) cord or did it leave you with enough left over?

    1. We did use the entire 100′ roll of cording when we made Addies Zoo, I cannot remember my exact calculations on how it all measured out for each section but keep in mind we did not use bungee on the back side of the zoo just the front and sides. Also keep in mind you will want to pull the bungee slightly to allow some resistance so the cording does not hang loose, thus it gives you more coverage allowing you to do the entire zoo with the 100′ roll. 🙂

  25. Did your husband connect the bungee only at the top and bottom or did he also connect it in the middle?

  26. I couldn’t help but think that some day you’re going to walk in and find all of the animals out on the floor and a group of kids using it as a jail for cops and robbers! It is a great idea.

    1. Lol I can definitely see that happening in the near future 😉 Thank you so much 🙂

  27. Love this project. Just wondering how the boards are attached. Did you use glue or nails? And how?

  28. Need to be more specific, are they 2×4s used for the frame? Cannot just give inch measurement without wood dementions, want to build but .net more info to price out wood

  29. You could even make the back possible to open (creating 2 panels like in the front) only allowing the top to open with a lock of some sort at the very top for inserting VERY large animals. My daughter has 2 that are her size, she’s 10. No way would they fit through the cords lol

  30. Love this my husband is building it this weekend. Can I ask what the final measurements were? I’m trying to decide what wall to put it on. Thank you!!!!

  31. I made one but not sure how to post a picture. Wasn’t to sure about how everything went together so I improvised and probably overbuilt it to support a car. Made it for my wife’s friends daughter (3yrs old today) for her birthday. Thanks for the idea. I made hers half the size but am making another for my wife’s classroom that will be full sized.

    1. Those turned out fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing! I am so glad I could help to inspire you to make some of your own!

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