Monday, August 13, 2012

Addies Zoo

Addies Zoo

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

Shawn did such an amazing job making this for Addie

Basic Building instructions-For the main support my husband used 4- 1"x2" boards appx 6' high (we found it was surprisingly cheaper to buy the ones that where already primed white), he then took more of the same 1"x2" boards and cut them down to a 24" length for the frame- he built 3 square frames one for the top middle and base (so he used 12- 24" pieces) then attaching the 4- 6' pieces to the 3 square frames. For the back of the unit we attached a large sheet of Masonite that was already primed white cutting it to the appropriate size. For the bars we ordered a 100' roll of black bungee (I found mine on Amazon, it was listed as shock cord) and cut them down to size, screwing them onto the frame (top, middle and bottom). Then for the final touch he took some nice base board molding and attached it to the outside of the frame. For the plaque i took a sheet of wood that was 24" wide, picking one that looked long enough to decorate, had my husband cut the sides to match the molding that he used so it would line up correctly, then i painted it white to match, adding her painted name and glued on some embellishments (zoo animals). I got these at the craft stores or HERE. He then attached it and we filled it was stuffed animals....(NOTE: he found screwing the boards together was much sturdier then nailing or pinning it) (also we choose to leave it with no floor)
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Below is a side view of the Zoo and a closeup of where the bungees are attached