Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fall

Sunflower Skulls


Sunflower Skulls With Fall and Halloween quickly approaching, many people have already began their fall crafting. Here is one idea we ran across last fall made by Beejay Olson HERE.             View this post on…
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Turkey Milk Carton


Turkey Milk Carton This little turkey milk carton is such a fun and simple kids craft, we purchased the boxes on Amazon HERE  so it was already pre-done for my kids class to make, however this would be a great…
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Turkey Apple Slices


Turkey Apple Slices Ingredients Craft stick, or food stick/ cake pop stick Candy melts- Brown Apples  Candy eyes Candy Corns M&M- Orange licorice piece (red- we sliced off a corner for ours) Wax paper Knife Directions Slice your apples in…
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Octopus Crazy Hair


Octopus Crazy Hair With it being crazy hair day at school my daughter really wanted to do Octopus hair, now this has been done several times by others but my daughter just loved the idea and wanted to add a…
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Minecraft Crazy Hair


Minecraft Crazy Hair When its crazy hair day at school and your son loves Minecraft its a must to make Minecraft hair. This was super easy to do, we simply took temporary hair coloring spray (since its almost Halloween it…
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