Wine Glasses & Mason Jars

Snowman Luminary


Snowman Luminary Materials: Mason Jar Fake Snow Deco Pauge or craft glue and brush Buttons (2 black) Orange felt Ribbon large pom poms -2 each Chenille stem Scissors  Glue led tea light Directions: Paint the outside of your mason jar…
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Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween Mason Jars smm

Halloween Mason Jars These spooky Halloween mason jars are super fun and easy to make and sure to be a hit. These jars look amazing any way you set them out, you can display them with flowers, tea lights or…
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Spooky Lighted Halloween Mason Jars

Spooky Lighted Halloween Mason Jars smmm

Spooky Lighted Halloween Mason Jars Spooky Lighted Halloween Mason Jars Materials: Solar powered lighted mason jars FOUND HERE Black Halloween mesh Krylon Mirror spray HERE Vinegar in a spray bottle Black Spray Paint Scissors Directions: Spray the inside of your…
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Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase


Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase Materials: Glitter Blast spray paint Decal or sticker (desired picture size and shape) Childs photo Artificial Flowers Tape or glue dots Mason Jar Directions: Place a sticker or decal the desired size of your image…
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Winesicle Freeze Pops

winesicle smm

Winesicle Freeze Pops Materials: Your favorite wine  Berries or other desired fruit Freeze Pop Bags (Find the ones I used HERE) or ( more HERE ) or (more like them HERE) Directions: Cut up desired fruit into small pieces Fill bag part…
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CLAY POT OWL Materials: Medium size clay pot 2- small clay pots Metal Leafs Metal decor Gems Glitter Blast spray paint Fall Leafs Hot glue and glue gun or Strong Adhesive Directions: Spray paint 3 pots with glitter blast spray…
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Country Holiday Mason Jar and Candle holder

Country Holiday candle holder and mason jar sm

Country Holiday Mason Jar and Candle holder Materials: Glitter Blast Spray Paint (bronze blaze, Cherry Bomb, Diamond Dust, and Golden Glow) CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine Mason Jar Dollar Store Wine Glass Hemp Cording Rustic Star Rustic Ornaments…
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