Valentine’s Day

Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox


Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox Materials: Paper Mache Mailbox HERE 7″ Paper Mache Cone HERE White Craft Paint or spray paint Gold Glitter Blast HERE White Glitter Blast HERE Pink Glitter Blast HERE Glitter hearts HERE Craft felt Misc embellishments (gems,…
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Rice Krispie Unicorn Heart Treats


Rice Krispie Unicorn Heart Treats Materials: Rice Krispies Marshmallows Butter Pan/ Pot/ Dish/ Spoon Heart cookie cutter Wax paper/ Foil White cookie sticks Heart gummies Fondant (white) White and Pink candy melts Black frosting Piping bags Candy flowers Directions Mix…
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Troll- Tastic Valentine

Troll Tastic Heart idea sm

Troll- Tastic Valentine Materials: Large Foil Wrapped Chocolate heart– found mine in the Valentines day section of my local grocery store  Wiggle eyes Pink Craft felt Scissors Marabou Feather/ or feather boa Small flower Sharpie Glue Directions  Glue on the…
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Unicorn Pudding Cup

unicorn pudding cup smmm

Unicorn Pudding Cup Materials: Vanilla pre-packaged pudding cup Model Magic (white) Gold craft paint and paint brush Misc. embellishments (small flowers, gems, ect..) Glue Black Sharpie Directions: Take a piece of model magic and form it into your unicorn horn…
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Moana Tamatoa Crab Valentines Day Box

tamatoa valentines day box SQsmm

Moana Tamatoa Crab Valentines Day Box Materials: Box (shoe box works best) Shells Construction paper (purple) Orange and Purple craft foam Glue (I used a hot glue gun and hot glue but other glues will work as well) Tape Scissors…
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Cinderella Inspired Party Favor Princess Carraige

Cinderella Carriage Party favor sm

Cinderella Inspired Princess Carriage Party Favor Materials: Fill-able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE (I used 80mm and 100mm for mine) White Pearl Sixlets (find some HERE) Blue Pearl Sixlets (find some…
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hot air balloon cupcake favors sm

HOT AIR BALLOON CUPCAKE PARTY FAVOR CUPS MATERIALS: Balloons Small plastic cups Cupcakes hot glue and glue gun Cake pop sticks Ribbon DIRECTIONS: Begin by hot gluing 4 cake pop sticks to the sides of your clear cups Hot glue…
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