Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Love Bug Pinecones


Valentines Day Love Bug Pinecones Materials: Pinecones Craft paint and brushes Wiggle eyes Chenille stems Glitter foam hearts Scissors Glue Directions: Paint your pinecones and let dry Glue on 2 each wiggle eyes Use a pen or pencil and wrap…
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Valentines Day Love Bug Clay Pots


Valentines Day Love Bug Clay Pots Materials: Small clay pots Craft paper Chenille stems Foam glitter hearts Glue Wiggle eyes Scissors Craft paint and brushes Directions: Paint your terra cotta pot desired color and let dry (we did a pink…
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Heart Crystals


Heart Crystals This is such a fun and easy kids craft, and science experiment. If you are looking for a simple Valentines day craft that will sure to keep the kids entertained, not only is this a fun craft it…
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Pink Starburst Jello Shots


Pink Starburst Jello Shots Are you looking for the perfect adult treat? Well this is it! These pink starburst jello shots are seriously amazing! These fun adult beverage shots are perfect for your next get together or just for a…
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Valentines Day Unicorn Paper Plate Craft


Valentines Day Unicorn Paper Plate Craft Calling all unicorn fans, this super cute and easy Valentines Day unicorn paper plate craft is sure to impress all unicorn lovers.  Materials  Paper plate Colored cardstock paper or construction paper White cardstock or…
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Valentines Day Loft Cookies


Valentines Day Loft Cookies Who doesn’t just love a yummy Lofthouse style cookie? These cookies are a wonderful copycat, they are so light and fluffy with a wonderful buttery taste, you will not be able to stop with just one…
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Valentines Day Minnie Mouse Cupcakes


Valentines Day Minnie Mouse Cupcakes These super sweet and adorable Minnie Mouse cupcakes will sure impress your Valentine this year! They are so stinking cute and fun to make.  Print Recipe Valentines Day Minnie Mouse Ear Cupcakes Servings Cupcakes Ingredients…
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