Valentines Day Unicorn Paper Plate Craft


Valentines Day Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

Calling all unicorn fans, this super cute and easy Valentines Day unicorn paper plate craft is sure to impress all unicorn lovers. 



  1. Paper plate
  2. Colored cardstock paper or construction paper
  3. White cardstock or construction paper
  4. Yellow cardstock or construction paper
  5. Self-adhesive heart stickers
  6. Wiggly eyes
  7. Scissors and ruler or guillotine paper cutter
  8. Quick dry tacky glue or school glue
  9. Stapler, optional
  10. Black permanent marker


  1. Cut colorful paper into 1 inch strips approximately 4 inches long. (You will need about 14 strips.) These will be the mane.
  2. With one sheet of colored paper, cut a large heart shape. This will be the muzzle.
  3. From the yellow paper, cut a horn shape.
  4. With the white paper, fold in half and cut an ear shape, creating two identical ears.
  5. Begin by attaching the horn to the FRONT of the paper plate using glue or a stapler.
  6. Then, attach the ears to the back of the paper plate on either side of the horn. Add heart stickers to the ears and around the horn as decoration.
  7. Flip the paper plate and attach the strips for the mane using glue. Allow to dry completely before continuing.
  8. On the FRONT of the paper plate, attach the large heart muzzle. On the heart, add two small stickers for nostrils and a larger heart sticker as the tongue/mouth.
  9. Using a black marker, draw closed eyes.
  10. Allow to dry completely before playing or displaying.











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