Farm Animal Wood Blocks

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Farm Animal Wood Blocks

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  1. Wood blocks 
  2. Craft paint and brushes
  3. Card stock or a small piece of cardboard
  4. Craft felt or foam (pink and black)
  5. White yarn or dollar store mop head
  6. Scissors
  7. Small wood oval pieces (optional- can use brown craft foam or felt)
  8. Craft pom poms (white)
  9. Pink chenille stem
  10. Wiggle eyes
  11. Glue


  1. Paint your wood blocks (1 white for your sheep, 1 pink for your pig, 1 brown for your cow)
  2. Add painted details to your blocks (Pig- add an oval light pink snout and black eyes and nose holes) (Cow- light brown nose with dark half moon nose details)
  3. Pig- Cut out a couple of pink felt ears and glue to your pig along with a your pink chenille stem tail
  4. Sheep- Glue on lots of white pom poms to the front of your white block, cut out of felt your sheep head and ears, and glue on your eyes)
  5. Cow- Cut out of craft paper or craft foam 2 each horns and add some light brown paint to give texture, cut out some oval ears out of craft felt or foam or paint a couple of oval wood pieces brown, cut some white yarn down or your a dollar store mop for your hair. Glue on your ears, horns and yarn to the front of your wood block. 

How fun are these little farm animal blocks?! They are so simple to throw together, they can be made super simple for a quick kids project or add more details for a fun adult craft/ summer decor. 


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