Motor Skills and Sensory

Straw Maze Activity

straw activity sm

Straw Maze Activity Straw Maze Activity Materials: Straw Craft fluff or Pom Pom Blue Tape Directions: Place tape down onto the floor, design your tape in a maze formation Place pom pom/ craft fluff on the floor at the start…
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Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft

Fingerpainted mom art s,

Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft Materials. Craft paint Printed cut out of MOM letters Poster board or white cardstock paper Tape Scissors Optional: Flower and glue Directions: Cut out printed MOM letters  Roll pieces of tape and stick to the…
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Toddler & Baby Ice Play

ice play

Toddler & Baby Ice Play Sensory & Fine Motor Skills The kids where getting a little stir crazy today with daycare being closed and nothing but rain outside so we broke out the dishes and ice. They had so much…
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Stuffing Pom Poms and Coin Drop Can


 Stuffing Pom Poms and Coin Drop Yet again I have seen many different ideas for placing objects (or stuffing pom poms into a can) THIS ONE is my favorite for these ideas. But I did want to add more to…
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Monster Activity Box

monster box

Monster Activity Box   So I have seen many DIY boxes for motor skills and I just love the idea of a pull or tugging box, one of the great tugging boxes I have seen recently is THIS ONE. So…
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Sensory Bin- Felt Christmas Tree

tree 8

 Sensory Bin- Felt Christmas Tree Supplies: Styrofoam Cone, Hot glue gun, scissors, green felt, Velcro dots, brown paint and brush, pom poms, buttons, bells and any other items you would like to use for ornaments Directions: Paint the bottom of…
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