Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft

Fingerpainted mom art s

Finger Painted Mothers Day Craft


  1. Craft paint
  2. Printed cut out of MOM letters
  3. Poster board or white cardstock paper
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Optional: Flower and glue


    1. Cut out printed MOM letters 
    2. Roll pieces of tape and stick to the back of your letters 
    3. Stick letters on your poster board or cardstock
    4. Pour out paint onto another piece of paper or paper plate for the kids to dip their hands in 
    5. Let the kids dip their hands in the paint and either smear on or do lots of handprints (covering the letters with paint)
    6. While paint is still damp remove your letters 
    7. Optional- glue on a flower in the center of your letter “O”


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