DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack

diy wood block backyard racetrack smm

DIY Wood Block Backyard Racetrack


  1. Misc wood scrap pieces (ours where mostly 2″x6″x7″ pieces that we had left over from a home project)
  2. Black paint (I used black spray paint)
  3. White paint and paint brush (or white tape would work)
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Matchbox cards (Hot Wheels)


    1. Sand the edges of your wood blocks till there are no rough sides or sharp edges
    2. Paint black
    3. Paint white stripes on your blocks (both sides are recommended)
    4. Once dry let the kids layout their track over and over again

There are endless possibilities with this, we wanted something that the kids could move around and would not be a permanent fixture in the yard, it even works great for inside play 🙂 

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