Monster Activity Box

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Monster Activity Box


So I have seen many DIY boxes for motor skills and I just love the idea of a pull or tugging box, one of the great tugging boxes I have seen recently is THIS ONE. So after seeing so many fun ideas I decided to make my own for Addie (of course everyone in my office at work, thought I was crazy but Addie just loved her monster box). I did want to add more to my box than just being a tugging or pull box, so i decided to add Velcro Eyes, and Velcro Pom Poms (sensory touch) to the box to give it more play use. I have not done it yet, but im also going to add a drop option (im going to glue toilet paper roll ears on to be able to drop things thru).

Supplies: Box, Paint, Paintbrush, Ribbon, Scissors, Pipe cleaners, Velcro Dots, Glue, Construction paper, and Wiggle eyes.









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