Valentines Day M&M Butterflies


Valentines Day M&M Butterflies


This is a super quick and easy Valentines day idea that the kiddos are sure to love. We made these Valentines Day M&M Butterflies last year for my kids class and they had rave reviews. 

Materials Used

  1. M&M exchange bags HERE
  2. Clothes pins HERE
  3. Craft paints and glitter (or markers)
  4. Wiggle eyes 
  5. Craft glue 
  6. Red Chenille stems


  1. Cut one of your red chenille stems in half
  2. Then take one single exchange bag of M&Ms  and wrap your chenille stem around the center of it leaving the 2 large ends at the top and twist near the package
  3. Use a pen or pencil to bend the top of your chenille stems to make them curved
  4. Color or paint your clothes pins until they are the desired look (we painted ours pink and added some glitter
  5. Once those are dry clip them to the center of your M&M bags (hiding the chenille stem around the bag)
  6. Glue on some wiggle eyes
  7. Give out to your special Valentine








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