Turkey Cookies


Turkey Cookies


Turkey Cookies

Time: 3 minutes per cookie

Servings: 8 cookies

Materials Needed:

  1. 8 Golden Oreos
  2. 32 Candy Corn
  3. ⅓ c + 8 chocolate candy melts
  4. Piping bag or ziplock bag (optional)
  5. 16 small edible candy eyeballs
  6. 8 Reese’s Pieces in yellow or orange
  7. Red decorating icing (I used Wilton Red Decorating Icing, but you could use any other brand as long as it is thick, and doesn’t bleed/run)


  1. Open each of the Golden Oreos gently, by slightly twisting them. Try to keep all of the cream on one side if possible.
  2. Melt the ⅓ c chocolate candy melts per package instructions. Once smooth and creamy, drape a piping bag or ziplock bag over your hand, and fill with half of the melted chocolate. Using kitchen shears, cut the tip of the bag at a diagonal angle. Pipe 4 small lines onto the cream side of the opened Oreos approximately ¼” apart, and immediately place 4 candy corn onto the lines, pointed tip facing inward. Pipe additional chocolate back and forth across the pointed tips of the candy corn, and immediately place the other side of the opened Orea cookie on top of the chocolate. The melted chocolate hardens fairly fast, so you will need to move quickly.
  3. Next, pipe some of the melted chocolate onto the middle of the top of the Oreos, and place one of the reserved chocolate candy melts on top. You may need to refill your piping bag with additional melted chocolate. If the chocolate has hardened again, you can place it back in the microwave for 20 seconds at 50% power to re-melt. Pipe two small dots onto the chocolate candy melt, and place edible candy eyeballs onto the chocolate, and then pipe a line between the eyes, and attach a yellow or orange Reese’s Pieces. You will need to hold it for about 5 seconds to let the chocolate set and harden a bit.
  4. Lastly, make a little red curved line starting at the Reese’s Pieces, and going down about ½”. Your little turkeys are ready to be “gobbled” up!


  • If you can’t find chocolate candy melts, you could substitute Mini Golden Oreos, or Hershey Kisses, and just skip the Reese’s Pieces for the beak.
  • If you don’t have a piping bag or ziplock bag, you could use the tip of a knife or toothpick to spread the melted chocolate.
  • These can be kept for up to a week in an airtight container.











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