Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase


Mason Jar Keepsake Flower Vase


  1. Glitter Blast spray paint
  2. Decal or sticker (desired picture size and shape)
  3. Childs photo
  4. Artificial Flowers
  5. Tape or glue dots
  6. Mason Jar


    1. Place a sticker or decal the desired size of your image to the front of your jar to mask off the area
    2. Spray paint your jar using desired paint- we used glitter blast spray
    3. Once dry remove your sticker or decal
    4. Cut your childs photo the size of your decal and tape inside the jar or use glue dots to secure in place
    5. Use glue dots to add some smaller flowers to the outside of your jar
    6. Fill with artificial flowers

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    Thank you for all the beautiful projects which encourage me to create more for my children and adult classes. Thanks a lot!



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