Unicorn Diaper Cake


Unicorn Diaper Cake


  1. Diapers (I used 2 small packages)
  2. Receiving blankets or regular blankets (2 total)
  3. Unicorn Headband HERE
  4. Black felt and scissors
  5. Removable glue dots
  6. Rubber bands (I used clear hair bands)
  7. Ribbon
  8. Misc. baby items
  9. Tutu (optional)


    1. Begin by rolling each diaper and rubber banding them
    2. Gather several diaper bundles together for the first layer, tie together with string or use large rubber band (see pictures below)
    3. Make the next layer smaller than the first (this all depends on the desired size you are looking for)
    4. Add your unicorn band to the smaller cake
    5. Fold your 2 blankets or receiving blankets the same height as your diapers
    6. Wrap your blankets around the 2 each diaper layers (safety pin in place or tie in place)
    7. Stack your 2 cake layers
    8. Add some other embellishment items and your ribbon for the hair
    9. Cut out of your black felt 2 each eyes/ eye lashes (use your glue dots to hold into place on the front top half of your cake)
    10. Add a tutu to your top layer if desired. 




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