Psychic Corner

psychic corner smm

Psychic Corner

How fun is this palm reading psychic corner! This is such a fun idea for decorating for Halloween. 

psychic corner 1

Items used:

  1. Skull dish HERE
  2. Large Tapestry HERE
  3. Wall Tapestries HERE
  4. Skull candlesticks HERE
  5. Crystal ball HERE
  6. Blank Book of Shadows HERE
  7. Moon crystal tray HERE
  8. Beginner altar set HERE
  9. DIY Potion Jars HERE
  10. Entry Table HERE
  11. Oujia Board HERE
  12. Tarot Cards HERE 
  13. Light Seer’s Tarot cards HERE

psychic corner 5

psychic corner 4

psychic corner 3

psychic corner 2


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