Pre-Packaged Owl Cookies

Pre-Packaged Owl Cookies


  1. Oatmeal Creme Pies HERE
  2. yellow and orange felt
  3. large wiggle eyes
  4. scissors
  5. feathers or fake leaf
  6. low temp hot glue gun and glue (or other strong holding glue)


  1. fold a section of yellow felt in half and cut out 3/4 of a circle and open up
  2. hot glue 2 wiggle eyes to center of each circle
  3. glue a small triangular piece of orange to the back for the beak and some feathers or a leaf to the back of the top
  4. glue the entire piece to your cookie package (if using a hot glue gun be sure its on a low setting so it does not melt the plastic to your cookie)


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