Halloween Footprint Hopscotch

Halloween Footprint Hopscotch


  1. Roll of butcher paper 
  2. Printed footprints (I just found a template online) HERE is one similar to the one I used
  3. Crayons
  4. Scissors
  5. Spray Adhesive (or glue sticks)
  6. Tape


    1. Print off several footprints
    2. Have the kids color their Halloween faces/ designs on the footprint
    3. Cut out each footprint
    4. Lay out your white butcher paper on the ground (smooth flat area)
    5. Tape down to the ground
    6. Glue on your footprints – (be sure to place them where the kids can jump on them, not too far apart or too close together)
    7. Have fun!

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