Lost Sock Sign

lost socks

Lost Socks Sign
1.      Piece of masonite or wood
2.      Close pins
3.      Hot glue and glue gun
5.      Ribbon
6.      Pencil
            Start by taking your piece of wood or masonite and pencil on your letters at the top of the sign. Once you have them where you want them take your paint or paint marker and fill in the letters with your desired colors. Once the paint is dry you will need to glue on your close pins make sure you space them far enough apart to hang your socks from. Once the close pins are on you will need to glue on your ribbon to hang from. Do this according to your preference on width and height. You can always add more to your sign and personalize it by painting designs on or adding embellishments. Your sign is now complete, add a pin or nail to the wall and hang it in the laundry room where you are sure to keep track of your socks.
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