Dr Seuss Stocking Wreath

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Ok so this one took me a little while to finish, between work and morning/afternoon/night sickness i didn’t get this done as soon as i would have liked but here it is, the finished product. I hope you like it 🙂




Supplies: Canvas (appx 65″ x 2 yards), paint, 2-feather boas, hot glue and glue gun, spray fixative, paintbrushes, stuffing (plastic bags) ribbon and scissors.
Directions: Take your canvas and fold it in half, draw out our stocking on one side, While folded in half cut out your desired stocking, separate your two stocking halves, on the side that is primed paint your desired design onto both stocking pieces (thus to make it two sided), when it is all dry spray your fixative to seal the paint, once dry stack your stocking pieces back together, then using your hot glue gun run a bead of glue all the way around the edge of the inside of the stocking to hold the two pieces together yet still making it so you can stuff it when done, next hot glue on your fist boa to the front of the stocking zig zaging it until you have a decent top for your stocking, due this to the back side as-well with the other boa. Once complete, stuff your stocking with whatever you have around the house i used extra grocery bags. To hang the stocking i cut two small slits in the back (in the fuzzy boa area so it would not show), then run a ribbon through the back to hang from.

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