DIY Dollar Store Personalized Long-Johns Christmas Stocking

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DIY Dollar Store Personalized Long-Johns Christmas Stocking

Total Cost $3.00


Supplies: 3 Dollar Store Stockings, Scissors, Sewing machine or needle and thread, 2 Large buttons and Puff paint or Acrylic Paint.
I took 2 stockings I picked up at the dollar store and unstiched the top seam that connected the white top of the stocking and set those aside to use as straps. I then unstiched the inner seam on both stockings about half way down, matched them together and sewed them together like you would do pants (one continues line). Next I rolled the top seam of the stockings in and sewed around the top so there where no rough edges.Then cut my white pieces and made straps and attached. Now take the third stocking and cut a piece for the but flap. Attach the bottom side, folded up and hold the top in place with 2 buttons (before attaching I folded each edge in and sewed, thus allowing for no rough edges and a good seam). I then painted on the name and hung above the fire place.Easy, Easy (Note: Im am a terrible sewer and I managed to do this project ) Total time about an hour from start to finish



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