DIY Kids Grinch Mask

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Grinch Mask

 Supplies: Posterboard, crayons, one large popsicle stick, black sharpie, glue, scissors, sissue paper, pop poms or craft fluffs.

Directions: Cut out the outline of your Grinch head from your poster board (I printed out a Grinch picture from online and traced it onto the poster board). Next let the kids color, paint or decorate the Grinch face however they like. Cover the hat in glue and have the kids place on their pom poms or craft fluffs, then crinkle up small pieces of tissue paper and have them cover the rest of the hat in the tissue paper. Once this is all dry glue on your Popsicle stick and use your black sharpie to draw on the rest of the Grinch details.

NOTE: Due to requests i have now uploaded a printable version of the face I used for this project, you may choose to print it in various sizes based on the child you are making this for. CLICK HERE for image








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