Spooky Franeknstein Paintbrush Craft

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Spooky Frankenstein Paint Brush Craft

Start off by letting the kids paint their paintbrushes with green paint. Once that is dry you can decorate the face however you want, we used black paint and wiggle eyes but you can also use a black sharpie if you want to. Once you have complete the face you can dip the bristles of your brush in black paint, make sure all of the bristles are covered in black (try to squish out any excess paint so the hairs will dry well). Once the hairs are dry they will stay hard and ridged. Last of all use a hot glue gun to attach your bolts.

Materials Used– Chip Brushes (house painting brush) I got mine from Quality Art at an extremely cheap price, Acrylic paints (green and black), wiggle eyes, glue gun and hot glue, paint brush to actually paint with, nuts or bolts and anything else you might want to add to your Frankenstein.







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