Simple Kids Christmas Crafts and Ornaments

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Simple Kids Christmas Crafts and Ornaments

Here are a few of the adorable crafts we have done at my work the last few years for a Christmas Show we do every year that we have a Free kids make it and take it booth. My kids of course get to partake in all of the fun each year so here are some of the creations. Clothes pin Rudolph’s, Paintbrush Santa, Rodolph Popsicle stick and Frosty Popsicle stick. These are so simple and so fun for kids of all ages. We did these for a quick and easy yet adorable craft for kids to do. We get about 1000 kids attend the make it and take it booth over the 3 days. Each kid does one of these crafts in about 5min time or less, so they are quick for short attention spans 🙂








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