wished for you valentine

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I wished for you Dandelion Valentine

wished double

Dandelion Fingerprint Craft

Materials: Canvas or poster board, acrylic paints, black sharpie and paintbrush

Directions: either print off a dandelion image or take a sharpie and quickly draw one on the canvas, take the kids finger and dip into acrylic paint and touch to canvas making the rest of your dandelion.

wished 1

wished 2

wished 3

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  1. Macfee Shari

    Adorable but could never find the printable dandelion

  2. Kelly

    Adorable! I have updated my article on Kids Painting Techniques and have included yours with a link. Hope that is ok, I can remove if not 🙂 https://www.diythought.com/6-fun-kids-painting-techniques/


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