Christmas Angel Wine Glass Candle Holder

angle wine glass sm

Christmas Angel Wine Glass Candle Holder


Materials: Dollar Store wine glasses,glitter spray paint (Diamond Dust and Golden Glow), hot glue and glue gun, Angel wings found HERE, 1- gold chenille stem, and small snowflake gems

 (looking for the glitter spray CLICK HERE for where I purchase mine)
 Make sure your glasses are clean then simply spray them with the glitter spray and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry you can embellish them any way you want to. For this design I wanted to keep my Angel very simple so I added a few snowflakes at the bottom, some wings to the back and a simple halo on the top of the stem.

NOTE: When spraying these you must treat it like any spray paint, you need to do it in coats and spray at a slight distance, if you get to close or spay too much in one spot at a time then the paint/ glitter can run. Shake the can VERY well before spraying to mix the glitter, this also helps to keep the can from clogging. If you live in a cold/ damp climate you need to take caution when spraying it may not tack up if its too cold out (you can spray them in a garage or somewhere warmer to help, but be careful of over spray in this case).

These are so much fun because the possibilities are endless! you can do anything you want and make any character you want. Just need some glitter spray and away you go!

Note: These are for decoration purpose only, not meant for actual food use.


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This post contains affiliate links

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  1. Marilyn

    Absolutely beautiful! And I love angels.

  2. Barbara boyle

    Love these! Is there a Snoopy one?


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