Clay Pot Christmas Crafts

clay pot christmas craft ideas sm

Clay Pot Christmas Crafts


Everyone loves crafts made from clay pots, they are so simple, inexpensive and can be so much fun to make!

We have complied some of the most adorable Christmas clay pot crafts out there.

Source link and tutorial links are benieth each image

Santa Chimney Place Setting

Santa Stuck in the Chimney 

Holiday Clay Pot Choo Choo :):

Clay Pot Christmas Train


Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen

Clay pot gingerbread men! Quick and easy for a holiday craft :) paint pots green and make into a grinch for grinch night?:

Gingerbread Claypots– exact source unknown

if this is created by you please let us know we would love to include your source link and directions

Photo by Lucy Mercer

Terra Cotta Stackable Trees

7cb6ab0f82138daf8a7aad8251987999.jpg (720×960):

Snowman Claypot candydish

Country Keepsake Dolls: Pet Hate Me encantaría una versión con los Reyes Magos:

Santa Clay Pots from Country Keepsakes

Snow or no snow, bring a little Winter cheer to your home this Christmas with an adorable DIY Snowman Family! {} #ChristmasDecor #SnowmanCraft #terracotta

Terra Cotta Snowman Jars

angelorn1.jpg (75656 bytes)

Clay Pot Angel

Handpainted snowman candle made from a terra cotta pot and saucer which is a hat and a black candle sits on top turning the saucer into his hat. Our snowman candle is accented with a country bow tied around his neck

Clay pot/ Candle Snowman

Dollarstore Reindeer Bell Ornament

Snowman Claypots 

Clay Pot Christmas Tree


Clay Pot Soldier

Clay pot nutcrackers guard your home at Christmas by anna.skaer

Clay Pot Nutcracker

Christmas Grinch Planter Pot Person Pot People Christmas Decoration Yard Lawn Decor Xmas

Clay Pot Grinch Find it HERE (aff)

mrpopper.jpg (10797 bytes)

Flowerpot Penguin 

Clay pots:

Gingerbread Claypots

Quick and Easy Terra Cotta Snowman Craft from {Christmas Decor and Craft}

Stackable Clay pot Snowman

Snowman Candy Dish

Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Clay Pot Crafts - Clay Pot Santa Claus

Santa and Tree Clay Pots


Clay Pot Snowmen 

Santa Candy Jar

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This post contains affiliate links

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