Halloween Mummy and Frankenstein streamer decor


Halloween Mummy and Frankenstein

Streamer Decor


Materials Used: 

  1. White Streamers
  2. Green Streamers
  3. Black Streamers
  4. Clear tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Large glow in the dark eyes – Find some HERE (aff link)
  7. Black plastic cups ( I spray painted mine black)



Start at the top of your support beam (tie or tape your streamer to the top) begin wrapping your beam until you have covered the entire area the way you desire (tie or tape off the streamers at the bottom). Once completely covered you can tape on your wiggle eyes. I used extra black streamers to cut out the stitches for the Frankenstein beam (tape on). Tape on your cups to the sides of the beam for Frankenstein’s bolts. Such a fun inexpensive and simple holiday decor idea! Note: these are made from crepe paper so it will go soggy if it gets wet, recommend doing this very close to Halloween due to weather issues.

mummy-streamer-decor frankie-streamer-decor


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