Snowman Chocolate Candy Cups

snowman candy cups sm

Snowman Chocolate Candy Cups


Materials Used

  1. White Chocolate Candy Melts (Here)
  2. Small Balloons
  3. Blue and Black frosting
  4. Orange Gum Drops (cut the corner off) or Candy Corns for the nose
  5. Asst. Candy.
  6. Cooking Oil (any kind)

Directions: Blow up your balloons to the desired bowl size, Melt your candy melts per directions (I microwaved mine in short intervals- stirring regularly), Lightly grease your balloons (i used a cooking spray) then dip in the candy melts (covering the entire area you want to have your bowl). Drop a small amount of the chocolate on a greased piece of foil or wax paper, then set your chocolate covered balloon on top to give it a base. Let your balloons cool (I placed mine in the fridge to speed up the cooling time), once cool, pop your balloon and carefully remove from chocolate. Lastly decorate your chocolate candy bowl with blue and black frosting (add a nose) and fill with candy! Enjoy!











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