Penguin Pudding Cups

penguin pudding cups sm

Penguin Pudding Cups



  1. Chocolate Pudding Cups
  2. Sparkle Pom Poms
  3. White tinsel stems
  4. Construction Paper (multi pack)
  5. Oval wiggle eyes
  6. Glue
  7. Scissors


Start off by gluing your tinsel stem to each side of your pudding cup, next glue over top of the tinsel stem your pom poms. While those are drying begin cutting out your construction paper pieces (cut a belly from the white, 2 wings from the black, yellow feet (I used felt for the feet since that is what I had on hand) and an orange beak). Next glue on each piece of your construction paper cutouts, and lastly glue on your eyes.

These where just a fun simple Christmas treat I whipped up for the kids to take to their holiday parties.

penguin-pudding-cups-4 penguin-pudding-cups-3 penguin-pudding-cups-2 penguin-pudding-cups-1

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This post contains affiliate links

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