Tea Light Christmas Tree

tea light christmas tree sm

Battery Operated Tea Light Christmas Tree



  1. Battery Operated Tea Lights (Green, Brown, Gold Star) ( I found the star at the dollar store)
  2. Hot glue and Glue gun
  3. (optional) Glitter spray for the tea lights (HERE) 
  4. misc embellishments (optional)

Directions: If you purchased White tea lights start off by wrapping the tip of each tea light with tape and spraying them with glitter spray (if desired) , once dry or if purchased colored lights, lay out the tea lights into a shape of a tree (I used 24 total tea lights for my design). Once you have your desired design start gluing the lights together one at a time until your tree is completely glued into one solid tree. You can then add other embellishments if you desire or add a ribbon to the back to hang it from.

IMPORTANT: make sure each tealight works before gluing your design together


tea-light-christmas-tree-4 tea-light-christmas-tree-3 tea-light-christmas-tree-2

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This post contains affiliate links

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