Ninja Turtle Valentine Drink

ninja turtle drink sm

Ninja Turtle Valentine Drink



  1. Green drink (we used Gatorade since we had it on hand, but there are many different kinds of drinks they have in green)
  2. Colored felt
  3. Scissors
  4. Oval wiggle eyes
  5. Glue (I used hot glue)
  6. Printable Valentine Cutout


Start off by cutting strips of felt to wrap around your drink, next cut a smaller strip of felt and cut the ends of it (cut a v out of the ends) Fold and glue in half at an angle, glue on your first ribbon then glue on the second ribbon to the side. Next glue on your eyes and your heart cutout.


ninja-turtle-drink-3 ninja-turtle-drink-2nk


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  1. Ashley

    It is possible to get an editable version of the heart tag?


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