Princess and the Frog Party Favors

frog prince Party Favor sm

Princess and the Frog Party Favors


  1. Fill-able Ornaments (I would recommend checking for food safe ones) find some like the ones I used –> HERE (I used 80mm for mine)
  2. Green M&M’s HERE
  3. Gold or Yellow Craft foam
  4. Pink felt or craft foam
  5. Large Green Chenille Stems (HERE)
  6. Black Sharpie
  7. Large Wiggle Eyes (I used 30mm HERE)
  8. Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  9. Scissors
  10. Clear Tape


  1. Make sure your ornament is clean
  2. Fill with a green M&M’s
  3. Tape ornament shut (this secures it wont pop open)
  4. Cut out crown from gold or yellow craft foam
  5. Hot glue on Crown
  6. Hot Glue on Large wiggle eyes
  7. Bend green Chenille stems into frog legs and feet (see image of feet)
  8. Glue feet with legs to back of ornament, then 2 small feet to the front of the ornament
  9. Lastly draw on your mouth with a sharpie and glue on a pink tongue






This post includes affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

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