Beauty and the Beast Easter Basket Idea

beauty and the beast Easter basket sm

Beauty and the Beast Easter Basket Idea


  1. Yellow basket
  2. Yellow and Gold Tulle
  3. Red ribbon
  4. Foam disc
  5. 2 Liter Bottle
  6. Scissors
  7. Artificial Red Rose
  8. Hot Glue and glue gun
  9. Easter basket filler
  10. Fun Beauty and the Beast filler items


  1. measure ribbon to the outside of the basket
  2. cut tulle to size
  3. tie each piece of tulle to ribbon (you can also use elastic instead and make it into a skirt)
  4. hot glue or tie the tulle skirt to your basket
  5. take a clean 2 liter bottle and cut the top section off
  6. poke a rose into the foam disc
  7. place a 2 liter bottle over the rose and glue bottle down
  8. fill basket with basket filler and beauty and the beast items



Dont want to make a basket- find some Beauty and the Beast baskets HERE


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This post contains affiliate links

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