Scarecrow Applesauce Treat Cups


Scarecrow Applesauce Treat Cups


  1. Applesauce Cups
  2. Craft foam- Black
  3. Orange felt/ craft foam or construction paper
  4. Wiggle eyes
  5. Black sharpie or other permanent marker
  6. Raffia
  7. Glue


  1. Glue on piece of raffia to the top corner of your applesauce cup (upside down)
  2. Cut out a hat from your black craft foam
  3. Cut out and glue on a small square of orange felt to the hat (a patch)
  4. Glue hat to center of raffia on applesauce
  5. Draw dotted lines down the front of the applesauce cup with a sharpie, also do the same to make a mouth
  6. Glue on wiggle eyes and a small triangle piece of orange felt for the nose

this post contains affiliate links

This post contains affiliate links

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