Troll Pumpkins

Trolls sm

Troll Pumpkins


  1. Pumpkins-  Misc sizes and shapes
  2. Craft Paints
  3. Craft Felt
  4. Wiggle eyes (asst sizes)
  5. Gems
  6. Sharpie
  7. Tulle (misc. colors)
  8. Bows/ ribbon
  9. Artificial flowers
  10. Scissors
  11. Hot glue and glue gun
  12. Headband
  13. Glitter blast spray paint HERE or HERE
  14. White spray paint
  15. Misc embellishments and feather boa (optional)


    1. Pick out your pumpkin
    2. Clean outside of pumpkin
    3. Paint pumpkins with craft paint or spray paint
    4. optional if using glitter blast use a white spray paint first and once dry spray with glitter blast
    5. Cut pieces of tulle to desired length and tie to headband
    6. Glue misc embellishments to head band
    7. Hot glue headband to top of painted pumpkin
    8. Cut out a nose and ears from felt
    9. Hot glue on wiggle eyes, felt ears and felt nose
    10. Use a sharpie to draw on a mouth and eyebrows
    11. Hot glue on gems and other misc. embellishments Troll face



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This post contains affiliate links

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  1. joyce

    I do not like glitter blast paint. I will use regular craft paint and regular glitter if needed. Also Amazon asking for a 5 oz can for 41.00 , are they nuts, I got mine for 4.99 with coupon. these are cute crafts.

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Thank you so much hun! Wow that is crazy expensive, I purchase mine from a local craft store they sell theirs for $6.50 every day. But it would look just as cute with regular glitter as well, would also make it fun for kids to cover in glitter 😉

  2. Sharon l

    What a great idea my granddaughter is three years old and loves trolls I can’t wait to try it thanks for sharing

  3. Linda Leone

    Too cute ?so creative ?great job ?

  4. Linda Leone

    Love it

  5. Amanda

    These are so cute, I think it would be fun to try it with styrofoam so the troll pumpkin could be used year afte year.

  6. Barbara Seibold

    Thank you for this fantastic idea! We just had a Trolltastic Pumpkin Party at my school as a fundraiser for Christmas Cheer. We had around 40 kids and their families participate and raised nearly $400 for our adopted family. We already have parents and kids begging for a Christmas craft party. I’ll be watching your site for more great ideas!

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Oh that is so great to hear! That is fantastic that everyone loved it and you where able to raise so much money! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  7. Darlene petrakovich

    Im making these now, the instructions are not good, dont have an idea on how to cut or glue the ears. I dont do crafts and need more details

    1. Angela Waller

      I’m having trouble making the headbands stay on

      1. Sheena (Post author)

        I would try another glue if hot glue is not holding or if you have a stiff headband possibly poke it into your pumpkin a bit?

  8. Jessica Enrietta

    What kind of Headband do you use? A regular headband or elastic headband?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, I used just a standard headband for mine!

  9. Nia B

    Hi there. Love this idea…Me and my students are making this for the school pumpkin contest…instead of the headband I attached the tulle to a pink pipe cleaner and it is perfect…can’t wait until tomorrow…the paint should be dry and we can attach all of the pieces!!!! Cute and simple!!! Thanks.

  10. Sylvia Bailey

    Mine turned out fabulous. Thanks for the great idea. Everybody loves our troll pumpkins. Wish I could show you my pictures.


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