Christmas Wood Pallets

Christmas pallets smm

Easy Christmas Wood Pallets


  1. Misc sizes and shapes wood pallets
  2. Large wiggle eyes
  3. Misc snowflakes
  4. Large red bell (found mine at a local dollar store)
  5. Orange felt
  6. Extra wide black ribbon or black craft foam
  7. Gold Ribbon
  8. Black sharpie or paint
  9. Hot Glue and Glue gun
  10. Dollar store hat
  11. Scissors
  12. Artificial berries/ twigs or small flowers
  13. Misc. embellishments
  14. Glitter blast spray paint, craft paint or spray paint


  1. Paint your wood pallets
  2. Once dry hot glue your twigs or berries to the back side on both corners of your brown pallet
  3. Glue on your wiggle eyes and large red bell on the front of your brown pallet
  4. On your white pallet add a hat to the top of the pallet (glue in place)
  5. Clue on eyes and a felt carrot nose
  6. Draw on with a sharpie a mouth
  7. On the red pallet glue on a strip of black ribbon or craft foam across the middle
  8. Glue 4 pieces of gold ribbon in a square in the middle of your black strip
  9. Add misc. embellishments to each of your wood pallets
  10. Display and enjoy 

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