Dollar Store Christmas Candy Dish

Christmas Candy Dish sm

Dollar Store Christmas Candy Dish


  1. 2 Dollar store dishes, bin or tub 
  2. Dollar store large metal spoon
  3. Candy canes or other small candies
  4. Hot glue and glue gun (or other strong adhesive)
  5. Small dollar store battery operated lights (optional)
  6. Snowflakes and or other misc. embellishments
  7. Spray paints or glitter spray (optional)


  1. Slightly bend spoon so the handle fits inside your dish that is on top and the base fits inside the bottom dish
  2. Paint spoon if desired (Recommend a spray paint that is designed for metal and plastic)
  3. Glue spoon in place on top dish and bottom dish
  4. Glue candies all over the spoon and the base of your top dish (giving the look that the candies are pouring into your bottom dish
  5. Wrap with lights and decorate with misc. embellishmetns
  6. Fill bottom dish with candies


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