Dollar Store Snowflake Snowman

snowflake snowman sq smm

Dollar Store Snowflake Snowman

Dollar Store Snowflake Snowman


  1. Dollar store snowflake ornaments about 4-5 boxes (up to 30 snowflakes used- depends on the size of snowflakes and how large you desire your snowman to be)
  2. Garland
  3. Buttons
  4. Orange felt
  5. Black felt
  6. String or ribbon to hang from
  7. Hot glue and glue gun
  8. Scissors


  1. Lay out your snowflakes into 3 different size round shapes (small, medium and large)
  2. Glue all of your snowflakes together in your 3 round shapes
  3. Stack and glue your 3 round snowflake shapes together forming the body
  4. Hot glue on button eyes, button mouth and 3 large buttons down the body
  5. Cut out of black felt a snowman hat and glue on
  6. Cut out of orange felt a carrot nose and glue on
  7. Add ribbon or string to the back to hang from


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