Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox

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Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox


  1. Paper Mache Mailbox HERE
  2. 7″ Paper Mache Cone HERE  or Use a Unicorn HEADBAND HERE or one with and Elastic Band HERE
  3. White Craft Paint or spray paint
  4. Gold Glitter Blast HERE
  5. White Glitter Blast HERE
  6. Pink Glitter Blast HERE
  7. Glitter hearts HERE
  8. Craft felt
  9. Misc embellishments (gems, flowers, ribbon, ect)
  10. Craft flowers
  11. Black sharpie
  12. Glue (I used hot glue and a glue gun)


    1. Paint your paper mache mailbox and cone white
    2. Spray your mailbox with the white glitter spray
    3. Spray 2 pink glitter spots on the front side of your mailbox flap in the bottom corners for pink cheeks 
    4. Spray your cone with gold glitter spray
    5. Wrap your cone with gold ribbon and add misc. embellishments (gems, flowers, ect..)
    6. Glue your cone to the top of your box
    7. Or if you choose not to make your unicorn horn purchase a unicorn headband with a horn and ears and glue to mailbox (find one HERE or with an elastic band HERE)
    8. Glue large flowers in front of your cone on your box
    9. Glue 2 ears just behind your flowers on each side of your cone
    10. Draw on eyes with a sharpie
    11. Add other misc. decorations (foam hearts, ect…) 


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