Jack Skellington Pizza Pan Clothespin Halloween Wreath

jack skellington pizza pan clothespin wreath sm

Jack Skellington Pizza Pan Clothespin Wreath

Jack Skellington Wreath Halloween Wreath


  1. Dollar store pizza pan- I used an appx 13″ round from outer edge to outer edge
  2. Clothespins (appx 82 for a 13″ round)
  3. Black and White spray paint
  4. Starry night and Diamond dust glitter blast spray paint Find it HERE 
  5. Ribbon- I used 3 kinds to make my bow and a chenille stem
  6. Hot glue and glue gun
  7. Black Sharpie or black craft paint and brush
  8. Optional- glitter blast sealer 


  1. spray paint your pizza pan white and half of your clothespins white
  2. spray paint your other half of clothespins black
  3. spray your diamond dust spray on your pizza pan and over your white clothespins
  4. spray the starry night glitter blast on the outer edge of your pizza pan fading in
  5. spray starry night onto your black clothespins as well
  6. Once all dry sketch on your jack skellington face
  7. Fill in your face with a black sharpie or black craft paint
  8. Attach your clothespins to the outer edge of your pan, we rotated 3 white, 3 black all the way around (at the bottom it took about 4 white and 4 black to keep the pattern for the last 2 sections)
  9. Once your clothespins are in place glue each one down to secure them for long term use
  10. Form a bow with your ribbons and glue in place at the bottom of your pan
  11. Glue a piece of ribbon to the back to hang from
  12. Optional – seal your pizza pan with a glitter blast sealant
  13. Hang and enjoy








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  1. Cindy

    THIS IS AMAZING!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Robb Neumeyer

    This is Amazing, Wherever did you find the pattern for that Jack Skellington Facial Expression

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, thank you so much. I actually just free handed that design 😉

  3. Renee

    Did you spray the back of the pan and the backs of the clothespins, or just the fronts.

  4. Renee

    This is really cool! Did you paint all the sides of the clothes Pins and the back of the pizza pan?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, thank you so much. Yes we painted all sides of the clothespins but only the front side of the pan.

  5. Leslie Baller

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve made a Hack, Sally, Jason, Freddy,2 different Pennywise and a Dr Frankenfurter

  6. Lisa

    Hello! The pizza pan you used looks like it bulges out a bit; almost like a bowl. I know it’s a 13 inch round pizza pan, but what type? Is it the flat type or deep dish.

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, the one I used I found at a local dollar tree, it is a flat pan other than the very edge has a slight lip on it. The roundness you are seeing is probably just an illusion from the black glitter sprayed around the edges. 🙂 You can get a better look at it without paint here –> https://www.dollartree.com/cooking-concepts-pizza-pans-12-in/10067

  7. pam rivera

    hi how did you get the ribbon on back to hang , its heavy and i feel like the glue will make it fall thanks

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, I just used hot glue on mine, but depending upon where you are hanging it i would consider using a stronger glue like E6000 glue or an industrial strength glue

  8. Beverly Tidwell

    What kinds of spray paint did u use on pan?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      I used for the base spray krylon Chalky finish paint since that is what I happened to have on hand, most primer spray paint would work well, then I sprayed the krylon glitter blast over that

  9. Brenda Christensen

    Hello do you have a template of Jack’s face?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there, unfortunately I do not have an exact template for this craft, I would recommend to google the Jack Skellington face and choose your favorite face design, you could also purchase some graphite paper to transfer your image onto your pan to get the exact face you desire 🙂


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