Halloween Candy Corn Shoes

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Halloween Candy Corn Shoes

Get ready for Fall and Halloween with these super easy and festive Halloween Candy Corn Shoes, these where so easy and quick to make and I have already had tons of people asking where I got them from. 


  1. White Canvas Shoes- I used these ones HERE  or more like them HERE
  2. Acrylic Craft Paint- Black, White, Yellow and Orange
  3. Paint brush
  4. Pencil
  5. Blue tape


  1. Remove your shoe laces
  2. Tape off your shoes in sections as you go
  3. Begin by taping off a section on the toe for your white toe (we chose to paint ours white since the shoes where a dingy white color)
  4. Next tape off the next 2 section for your Orange and yellow
  5. Paint each section with the back side black
  6. Once painted Use the back of your pencil (eraser) dab it into white and make white dots on your black section
  7. Paint the words Trick on the back of one shoe and Treat on the back of the other
  8. Let your shoes dry completely, re-lace and enjoy
  9. Optional- for longer lasting colors seal your shoes with a scotch guard or acrylic paint sealer

Dont want to make them? Find some similar shoes to purchase HERE

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