Christmas Snowman Hot Cocoa Mug

hot cocoa snowman mug gift sm

Christmas Snowman Hot Cocoa Mug

These Christmas Snowman Hot Cocoa Mugs are a super inexpensive gift idea, they make for a great holiday gift for a teacher, friend, neighbor and coworker. We made this snowman mug with mostly items from our local dollar store, making this gift around $4 total 


  1. Cocoa mug/ glass
  2. Marshmallows
  3. Small clear bag for marshmallows
  4. Hot cocoa packet
  5. Inexpensive winter gloves
  6. Ribbon or holiday leaf/ flower
  7. Black marker
  8. Wiggle eyes
  9. Orange felt
  10. Scissors
  11. Glue or removable glue dots


  1. Fill a small bag with some marshmallows
  2. Place bag of marshmallows in bottom of mug
  3. Place hot cocoa packet in mug
  4. Put one glove inside of the other and stretch over top of glass/ mug (making your snowman hat)
  5. Glue on (or use sticky eyes) eyes 
  6. Glue on your carrot nose
  7. Draw on with a marker or use black felt for your mouth
  8. Add a ribbon on holiday leaf/ flower to your glove hat
  9. Give as a easy and inexpensive gift

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