Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornament

mason jar lid wreath sm

Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornament

These little Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments where so fast and easy to make and the kids had a blast making them. All you need is some mason jar lids, pine chenille stems and what ever else you want to throw on. 



  1. Pine Chenille stems HERE
  2. Mason jar lids
  3. Ribbon
  4. Misc. holiday decorations, fake berries, small flowers, snowflakes, ect..
  5. Glue


  1. Wrap your mason jar lid ring with your pine chenille stems until completely covered 
  2. Add a ribbon to the back to hang it from
  3. Add some berries, beads, a bow, snowflakes, ect.. 
  4. Hang on tree

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  1. Nana Diana

    Well, that is as cute as cute an be! What a fun project-even for kids!!!
    I hope you have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Crimin

    About how many pine chenille stems do you need?

    1. Sheena (Post author)

      Hi there I apologize I am so late at responding, i used about 3-4 chenille stems per wreath.


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