Christmas Craft Sticks

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Christmas Craft Sticks

These Christmas Craft Sticks are super fun and easy to make, they are great crafts for Elementary and preschool school Christmas parties or just for fun, they can even be made into ornaments for your tree. 


  1. Jumbo craft sticks
  2. regular craft sticks
  3. Craft paper
  4. Pom poms
  5. Wiggle eyes 
  6. Buttons 
  7. Chenille stems
  8. Ribbon
  9. Paint and or markers
  10. Glue 
  11. Scissors


  1. Glue your craft sticks together accordingly (see pictures)
  2. Let the kids paint or color the craft sticks
  3. For the rudolph cut out some antlers and a nose from craft paper, Glue on the nose, antlers, some wiggle eyes and a red pom pom nose
  4. For the snowman glue on some wiggle eyes, a carrot nose and any embellishments. Color on a button mouth.
  5. For the gingerbread man paint a white squiggle around the outer edge, and some for a mouth. Glue on a some button cheeks, wiggle eyes and a bow.
  6. The penguin cut out and glue on some feet, a beak and some wiggle eyes. For the ear muffs glue on 2 large pom poms and a chenille stem to connect them. 
  7. For the Christmas tree use a chenille stem for garland and pom poms for ornaments, lastly add a star or a snowflake to the top


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