Grinch Handprint Card

grinch handprint card smm

Grinch Handprint Card

The Grinch is one of mine and my kids all time favorite movies, we even just went to see the new 2018 Grinch movie this weekend so in light of that we where inspired to make these Grinch Handprint cards. They are super easy and fun to make, and yes my handwriting is terrible, but the kids didn’t seem to mind at all lol. 


  1. Green craft paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Black Marker
  4. Yellow wiggle eyes
  5. Green craft feathers
  6. Glue


    1. Fold green paper in half
    2. Place child’s hand onto paper with the palm of their hand closest to the fold
    3. Trace child’s hand onto paper
    4. Cut out child’s hand (do not cut the folded section) 
    5. Glue on Yellow wiggle eyes just below fingers on front side
    6. Glue green feathers behind fingers on back side
    7. Use a black marker to draw on the rest of the face
    8. On the inside write Merry Grinchmas or other fun message and greeting


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