Rudolph Bathroom Ideas

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Rudolph Bathroom Ideas

Christmas is such a fun and magical time of year and we just love to decorate the house up, so this year we decided to do themed rooms like we did for Halloween. We decided for the kids bathroom we would do a Rudolph bathroom, so I hope you love all the fun ideas we came up with for our Rudolph Bathroom.

Items Used

  1. Rudolph towels HERE
  2. Large Rudolph wall hang HERE
  3. Shower Curtain HERE
  4. Santa Shower curtain hooks
  5. Long Rudolph Floor mat HERE
  6. Smaller Rudolph floor mat HERE
  7. Bumble and Rudolph light up decor HERE
  8. Rudolph night light with flickering fire HERE
  9. Rudolph mug or toothbrush holder cup HERE (not shown here)
  10. Stink Stank Stunk decal HERE
  11. Christmas wine glass candle holders HERE
  12. The Christmas tree wall decal I found at a local walmart but you can find some similar here or here

NOTE- we have our bumble and Rudolph plugged in for this video and when the shower is not in use, never have electrical items near a water source, this is not a bathroom that the shower is actively used so we choose to put this item in this bathroom but as mentioned it is not plugged in when the shower is in use. Always practice safety with electrical items near a water source. 

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