Hershey kiss Christmas tree

Chocolate christmas trees

These super easy and fun Hershey kiss Christmas tree’s are not only adorable but super quick and easy to make, they are great for stocking stuffers or just a fun treat to give to your co-workers, kids, as Christmas party treat, ect…

Materials Used: 

  1. Jumbo Craft sticks
  2. Craft Paints (green and brown)
  3. Glue (I used a low temp glue gun)
  4. Hershey kisses in green wrapper and 1 in silver wrapper
  5. Rolo’s or gold wrapped kisses
  6. Scissors


  1. Glue 3 of your jumbo craft sticks in a triangle shape (I trimmed one down just a bit so it made the triangle a little more narrow)
  2. Cut a another jumbo craft stick at the bottom to use for a stem
  3. Glue to the bottom center of your triangle 
  4. Paint your craft sticks with your green and brown craft paint
  5. Once dry glue your kisses and Rolos on accordingly 
  6. Give as gift 
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