Kids Who Do Chores Are More Likely to Be Successful Adults

Kids Who Do Chores are More Likely to Be successful Adults smm

Kids Who Do Chores Are More Likely to Be Successful Adults


Do you ever wonder if fighting with your child to do chores is worth it? At the end of the day, there is a lot of research that supports kids doing chores. Of course, you may be wondering WHY this is a real thing. There is even scientific research that backs up work ethic.

According to, there has been a study done by Harvard that show what people need to be successful in life. Those two things are LOVE and WORK ETHIC.

Chores Help Produce a Work Ethic

While it may be true that some kids are born with a hard work ethic, this isn’t true for the majority of kids. Chores help produce a work ethic in kids because it shows them the value of hard work. Kind of like volunteering somewhere, when a child sees what they have accomplished, it gives them that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Work is a Part of Life

It’s safe to say that if you do everything for your kids, they will grow up expecting everything to be done for them. Kids who do chores are more likely to become successful adults because they understand that work is a part of life. Work is something kids can experience as they grow up, but also as they get older. It’s really never too early for a child to realize that work is an everyday part of life and pitching is a GOOD thing.

Your Kids are Watching You & What You Do!

Another way that kids who do chores are more likely to become successful adults is because of their parents. Parents who do chores right alongside their children are showing their kids what strong work ethic looks like. Kids who see their parents working hard may develop that desire to follow in their footsteps. Again, hard work doesn’t develop out of nowhere, so this makes sense!

Chores Help More Than You Think

According to Marty Rossman “the best predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20’s was that they participated in household tasks when they were three or four.” This isn’t just a quote somebody made up in the past. There is research to show that doing chores can helps kids be more responsible, develop high self esteem, and even delay gratification.

Chores Teach Life Skills

Let’s focus on life skills for a second. As mentioned above, if you’re doing everything for your kids, they won’t have the chance to develop those skills for themselves. Life skills are a REAL thing in life and your kids need to know as many life skills as they can. Chores help to develop life skills, so when kids reach adulthood, they are successful in many areas of life. Of course, success looks different for each kid.

Chores Help Children Become Independent

Kids who do chores are more likely to be successful adults because they know and understand the art of independence. Chores allow kids to exercise independence in their own home. Chores are almost like practice for the real world. As your children grow older, you can keep introducing them to more chores, which will result in more skills learned, which will eventually lead them to more success. This isn’t saying they will have a perfect life, but they will have a better chance at making good choices and turning those good choices into success.

Start Chores Early in Life

Chores shouldn’t be started as your kids are getting a job, as a teenager. As your kid gets old enough, you can encourage them to start chores. Chores should always be age appropriate. Chores should never be something kids do all night and day, the amount of chores should be given within reason. However, there is no doubt that most kids are more than able to start chores at an early age in life.

Tips for Giving Chores

Now that you know your child should be doing chores as it makes them more successful in life, here are a few tips to guide you.

Money and Chores

Payment isn’t necessary for your kids to do chores, but sometimes parents pay extra money when their kids do extra chores. While kids should contribute to the household chore list. However, paying them for going above and beyond is always welcome.

Give kids something to work towards

It can be a bummer to do chores and not experience any incentive. When you give your kids chores, you’re giving them something to work towards. You might discover your kids love stickers. You might also find that your kids love earning time on their electronics. The options are endless when it comes to giving your kids chores and rewarding them.

Do you think that kids who do chores are more likely to be successful adults?

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