Clay Pot Gingerbread House Wind Chime


Clay Pot Gingerbread House Wind Chime



  1. Clay pot 
  2. Beads, Bells, misc. fake candies
  3. Strong string
  4. 2-Large washers
  5. Thick string or hemp twine
  6. Craft paint and brushes
  7. Scissors
  8. Ribbon
  9. Spray paint – Glitter blast HERE Optional 
  10. misc embellishments
  11. Hot glue and glue gun or other strong adhesive if you live in a colder climate 


      1. Spray your clay pot with outdoor rated spray paint and or glitter blast
      2. Thread beads, bells and fake candies on several different stings
      3. Glue each strand on the upper inside walls of the pot
      4. Thread a thick durable sting or twine through a washer and tie a knot on the bottom half of the washer
      5. Thread the other side through the hole in the clay pot and second washer, glue washer to the top and add a second knot on the top half (glue down to washer)
      6. Paint on your gingerbread house design 
      7. Add any candies, ribbon ect.. to your house
      8. Hang and enjoy









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